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Hugo Sachs Elektronik-Harvard Apparatus provides Advanced Tools for Physiology. It is the industry leader for providing advanced isolated organ and tissue perfusion systems as well as the PLUGSYS modular amplifier system for cardiovascular and respiratory applications.

Specialty Systems Include:

Isolated Heart Systems

Isolated Heart for Small Rodents
Isolated Heart Size 5
UP-100 Easy System for Isolated Heart


Isolated Lung Systems

Isolated Perfused Lung of the Mouse
Isolated Perfused Lung of Rat / Guinea Pig

 Other Perfusion Systems
Universal Perfusion System UP-100
Perfusion System for Isolated Liver, Kidney.PS-1
Universal Servo Controlled Perfusion System
Perfusion System for Isolated Pig Liver / Kidney
Perfusion System for Tubular Organs and Vessels
Perfusion System Ileum Peristaltic Reflex

Organ Baths for Isolated Tissues (Immersion)

Schuler Tissue Bath
Graz Tissue Bath System
Mayflower Horizontal Tissue Bath

 Organ Superfusion

Schuler Cascade Superfusion Bath
Coleman Superfusion Bath

Slices Incubation

Precision Lung Cut Slices PCLS
Plugsys Amplifier System
Cardiovascular Systems
Respiratory Systems


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Echipamente de cercetare
Echipamente de cercetare
Hugo Sachs Elektronik-Harvard...
Echipamente de cercetare