Sistem Clinitherm

Sistem Clinitherm
Sistem Clinitherm
Sistem Clinitherm
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The Barkey clinitherm unit range was specially developed for pre-warming infusions in bottles (e.g. saline solutions) or bags (plasma expanders, contrast agents).

The devices guarantee you hygiene and simple operation, and only require limited space.
The devices are manufactured to customer requirements in terms of number of bottles and bags, container shape, diameter and immersion depth.

Clinitherm devices are infinitely variable or can be set to the temperature required by the user at our works. The temperature is easily visible and digitally displayed.

Displays and controls and function displays are clearly laid out, explicit and clearly arranged, and labelled in two languages.
Temperature range: room temperature up to Temperature range: room temperature up to 60C

The benefits:

Dry temperature regulation technology
Works-set calibrated temperature setting
Digital temperature display
Electronic and mechanical sensor systems exclude excess temperatures
Electronic and mechanical sensor systems prevent unnecessary power consumption
Optical and acoustic alarm signal in the event of error

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